Signs of Dog Oral Disease | dog teeth cleaning

dog teeth cleaning

Like humans, dogs need oral hygiene too. Oral hygiene that is not taken in consideration can be a cause of different diseases and may even pose a threat on the life of the dog. This is why dog teeth cleaning are considered to be vital to maintain health. But as of dogs, oral hygiene may not mean having to brush their teeth after meals. Dogs have least chances of having cavities and plaques. And usually, there is just a need to see a vet twice a year for oral care. But there are times when you think your pet has gone changing. This can be a sign of oral disease which may call for the need to see veterinarian care. Here are the signs when your dog has oral disease.

Bad breath is one of the earliest signs of oral disease that may demand you to have dog teeth cleaning. Test your pet’s breathe may smelling it. Your pet may not have fresh breath but if it does smell unpleasant that comes unbearable, it shall warn you of an impending oral disease.

Inflamed gums are serious signs that you really need dog teeth cleaning. Serious diseases of dogs may start with just a simple inflamed gum. Once a break would occur, chances are, your pet will get infections. Inflamed gums may also stop your pet from eating because it will just lead to pain. As an end result, loss of appetite may occur which would facet to different problems as well.

If your pet is feeling depressed or if appetite has changed, check its mouth. You may find a tumor or cyst growing on the gums or under its tongue. This is again a sign that your pet is having an oral disease. If you have found these signs, check on your vet to avail of dog teeth cleaning.

Once oral diseases appear in your dog, mere dog teeth cleaning may not be enough. There are series of tests still that your pet needs to go through. Furthermore, the vet needs X-ray and lab tests to support the diagnosis plus meds before and after the surgery. Count in anesthesia too because at times when oral disease occurs, it would be painful for your pet to undergo dog teeth cleaning. To sum it all up, you need to pay a lot for your pet.

But oral problems and diseases can be greatly managed. Why pay for a lot of sum of money when you can actually save by practicing good oral hygiene for your pet. Obviously, they cannot practice it on their own so you need to have a close look over it. Just by simply giving your pet a chew toy can help get rid of the bacteria that may just wait for a break on your dog’s mouth to penetrate. Also, take a visit over your veterinarian for check-ups. You may not see the problem through your naked eye but you will surely be guided with the help of a professional.